Employing Model-Based Reasoning in Socio-Environmental Synthesis (EMBeRS)

Upcoming Faculty Workshops

The next faculty workshop will be held at the 2017 AESS conference in Tucson, AZ.

Past Faculty Workshops

An EMBeRS faculty workshop was held at the 2017 NCSE conference in Washington DC on January 25, 2017. It was preceded by an Education Symposium where three of our students from the summer workshop formed a panel. The panel and workshop were very successful.

EMBeRS materials were incorporated in a workshop at the Earth Science Educators Rendevous 2016. The workshop, titled "Incorporating thinking about the Earth across disciplines," was led by Dr. Dave Gosselin (UNL) Monday through Wednesday July 28 to 20, 8:30am to 11:30 am.

The first EMBeRS faculty workshop was held at AESS 2016, at American University in Washington DC on June 11.