Employing Model-Based Reasoning in Socio-Environmental Synthesis (EMBeRS)

Summer PhD Student Workshop

The EMBeRS Summer Workshop for PhD students was held twice at the University of Texas at El Paso:

We are currently seeking funding for additional workshops. Stay tuned...

The students in this workshop gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become the leaders of future interdisciplinary research teams. The workshop includes hands-on experience working across disciplines in the general area of socio-environmental systems while also learning about recent research findings on interdisciplinary teamwork, and implications for leading interdisciplinary teams. For more details about the workshop please see the FAQS

Because of the intensive, individualized training in this workshop, acceptance is highly competitive. Only eight PhD students are selected nationwide. Additional students are admitted from the hosting institution. In total, twelve students attend the workshop.

We collect data during the workshop to test the efficacy of the EMBeRS method. All students accepted into the workshop must sign an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved consent form agreeing to have data collected about their experience in the workshop, take pre- and post-workshop surveys, and participate in a one hour interview with our project evaluator at the end of the workshop.